Elimination races

This is the most exciting playing mode. Players need to have their three team riders well positioned, so none of them is knocked out.

How to play

A closed circuit with 50 or 60 boxes is recommended. Three laps will be played.
On each lap the last riders to cross the finish line are eliminated. The number of riders to be eliminated depends on the number of players (total number of riders on the board).

Suggested ratio:  


Nº of players / Nº of riders 3/9 4/12 5/15 6/18 7/21 8/24 9/27 10/30
Nº of eliminated riders per lap 2 2 2 ó 3 3 3 4 4 4 ó 5

First of all, the circuit (whether 50 or 60 boxes) and the number of eliminated riders per lap have to be chosen. One of the triangles will mark the Start. This will be the place where riders will be eliminated on each round and the finish line as well.

2, 3 or 4 cyclists will be eliminated. Those who finish in last positions in the elimination line, even without cross it. And they are removed from the board.

Elimination races are the most disputed ones. There is a fierce fight during the two first laps to avoid the elimination of your team riders. In the third lap there is a great competition to win the race. The more riders you have on the last lap the more possibilities to win, as you can earn more bonus counters from your "domestiques" when they draft.